Q&A: Are the Yiddish and the Hebrew cursive scripts the same style?

Pretty much—since the modern Hebrew cursive (MHC) is based on the Ashkenazi cursive style that began to emerge in the 18th century, or thereabouts.

Here’s a fairly typical example of Yiddish handwriting:

Typical example of Yiddish handwriting
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Are Israelis not familiar with the word “yahrzeit”?

yahrzeit-candlesThis is a good question,* because it highlights a common misconception that many Jews in the diaspora (and non-Jews, come to that) have about Israelis.

With the exception of old-timers from Eastern Europe and the Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox communities (who regard Hebrew as being suited for prayer and religious study rather than for everyday conversation), the vast majority of Israelis do not understand Yiddish, nor use Yiddish terms.

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