Q&A: How do I improve my ability to write an English essay?

Here’s a trick that I developed over time:

  1. Don’t think of it as an “essay”—but as something that you need to explain to a good friend of yours at the school cafeteria (because fundamentally, that’s what all essays do). You do this all the time, effortlessly—when it’s something you know about. So you first job is to research the subject till you know it just as well.
  2. Sum it up as a single sentence—e.g.: “The Middle Ages were not really the Dark Ages: the first three centuries were bad, but Charlemagne made things better, and new technologies in the tenth and eleventh centuries improved things further, which paved the way for the Renaissance in the 14th and 15th centuries.”
  3. Then expand each of those parts of the sentence into a full paragraph, with its own heading.
  4. The expand each paragraph into however many paragraphs you need to fill in the necessary detail.
  5. When you have finished, add an introductory paragraph at the beginning which gives an overview of the rest of the text, then add another, summary paragraph, at the very end.
  6. Use an essay template such as an APA Essay Template: this will ensure that you’re using the right font, text styles, line spacing, etc.

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Are there particular fonts that are the best to write essays with, or make the people who mark it think more highly of it?

(My answer to this question at Quora.com)

Many schools and publications explicitly specify that Times New Roman is the font to use. However, if you do have a choice Georgia is a superior alternative—less dense, and more readable.
But my favourite, by far, if you have it, is Cambria. Just a pleasure to read, so likely to make your assessor more favourably inclined towards your work.