Q&A: Are Jewish men forbidden to farm pigs?

Many years ago, I was working for a while as ‘Deputy Food Manager’ (i.e., ‘the guy who schlepps the big boxes from the delivery platform at the back to the walk-in fridge’) at a kibbutz in southern Israel.

The kibbutz members frequently complained about the lack of variety of our meat offerings (basically, chicken, turkey, or beef)—so one day the Food Manager took me for a ‘research trip’ to another kibbutz in the southern Negev—Lahav, some forty km to the east, where, it was rumoured, members were very happy with their food.

The ‘research trip’ was a sham—he and I, and everyone else already knew why the Lahav members were happy with their food: they had pork alternatives almost every day, thanks to their pig farm.

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Q&A: What does “part of a complete breakfast” mean in cereal commercials?


This was a slogan first invented by a [well-known cereals company] about a century ago, in a bid to persuade people to include cereal (which was a new thing) as part of their breakfast. In truth, it’s meaningless, because what it’s actually saying (quite truthfully) is “For most of your nutritional needs, you need to eat other things.”

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