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Did the majority of Jewish people know the Hebrew language during Jesus’s time?

The Jerusalem Talmud  has a very telling line which says it all:

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If Jesus joined you for dinner, what would you ask him?

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׳זה לא בהכרח כשר, מה שאנחנו אוכלים – זה בסדר מבחינתך?’

(“What we’re eating is not necessarily kosher—is that OK with you?”)

If Jesus joined you for dinner, what would you ask him?

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What does the Hebrew phrase “yeshua ben yahweh” mean?

It means “Jesus son of [the Lord’s Name]”—but only someone seeking to convert Jews to Christianity would think of uttering or writing such an expression, since Jews are forbidden from saying or writing the Lord’s name, and the idea of anyone literally being the son of God is a sacrilegious notion.


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