Is it risky to study to become a book translator since machine translation is becoming increasingly accurate?

A surprising number of translators still parrot the old line (as I did myself, as recently as 2015), that “machines will never substitute humans in translation.”


I beg to differ. In answer to the above question—yes, it is risky: human translators, I’m afraid, are about to go the way of farriers and saddle-makers a century ago.

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Calculating the appropriate charge for editing jobs

It stands to reason that the rate for editing a text should be less than the rate for translating it from one language to another.
It also stands to reason that the rate for editing a text that requires little editing should be less than that for a text that requires a great deal.
That much is clear. However, determining the precise rate that is appropriate in each case used to be a matter of subjective assessment on my part—which is not an accurate method, and does not reveal to the client how I reached that conclusion.
So for several months, I looked for an objective means of calculating my rate for copy editing, based on an accurate measurement of the amount of editing required for any given text.
Finally, I found it.