Should the United Kingdom celebrate the 23rd of June as its Independence day?


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More likely it will go down as Black Knight Day—the day when the UK lopped its own limbs off.



If Scotland were to separate from a Brexited UK and merge with another EU country, say Ireland, could it avoid having to apply to join th…


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You’ve been having a wee too many nips, laddie.

After three hundred years of enforced union with the Sassenachs, Scotland is hardly going to celebrate its independence by merging with someone else…


Is Brexit not a right decision? How can everyone claim it’s bad if Britain’s democracy voted for it?

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The vote is clearly divided along geographical and educational lines.

In London, where people are comfortable with seeing immigrants; in Scotland & Northern Ireland, which appreciate the advantages of being in the EU; and in Oxford and Cambridge, and among university graduates and their families, who appreciated the freedom to work and live anywhere in the EU, the vote was clearly in favour of remaining.

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