What is the Hebrew for “Everything in this world is by the grace of the God”?

The trick with such translations is not to translate literally, as that often results in a rhythmically awkward or unwieldy expression, but to craft a suitably poetic equivalent.

One method is to use the template of a similar saying, such as the well known phrase by Reb Nachman of Breslov: cl hyolm culo gwr xr mad*

  • Phonetically: Kol ha’olam kulo gesher tzar méod
  • In Square Hebrew script: כל העולם כולו גשר צר מאד
  • Translation: ‘The entire world is but a narrow bridge’

Also, there are only certain ways in which the expression by the grace of God can and should be rendered in Hebrew: one is bksdi hal*

  • Phonetically: beḥasdei ha’El
  • In Square Hebrew script: בחסדי האל
  • Translation: ‘by the graces of the God’

the other—more observant—wording is bksdi wmiim*

  • Phonetically: beḥasdei shamayim
  • In Square Hebrew script: בחסדי שמיים
  • Lit. translation: ‘by the graces of the heavens’

I would be inclined toward the latter, as it scans better. Hence: cl hyolm culo hua bksdi wmiim*

  • Phonetically: kol ha’olam kulo beḥasdei shamayim
  • In Square Hebrew script: כל העולם כולו הוא בחסדי שמיים

Lit. translation:  ‘The entire world is by the grace of the heavens’

If the emphasis is to be placed on the things within the world, rather than the world as a whole, I would take another tack: cl wnbra qiim bzcut hbora*

  • Phonetically: kol shénivra qayam bzkhut haboré
  • In Square Hebrew script: כל שנברא קיים בזכות הבורא
  • Translation: ‘Everything that has been created exists thanks to the Creator’

Take your pick.

*For the benefit of non-Hebrew readers, all asterisked texts are in SimHebrew (simulated Hebrew). 

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