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Modern-day Ecclesiastes

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The following is a poem to illustrate how the spelling distinctions between homophones in modern Hebrew are irretrievably lost in the conventional phonetic transliteration of Hebrew in Roman characters (when necessary):


In Simulated Hebrew, the spelling distinctions are not lost—which means that the result can be converted back (on an automated basis, if necessary) to Square Hebrew with full fidelity:


This poem can serve as a test of the fidelity and reversibility of any Hebrew-to-Roman transcription system. For the actual text, see its original post. To test the automated conversion of Square Hebrew to and from SimHebrew, see the online converter.


Author: יונתן אור-סתיו | Jonathan Orr-Stav

מתרגם עברית–אנגלית, עורך באנגלית, וסופר. כל הזכויות שמורות © 2016

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