Shock: Trump may have emails, too

Wow. Talk about a game-changer. This just in:

In a surprise turn of events in the final days before the presidential election, investigators have discovered that Donald Trump may have also received emails in the past five years.

The emails have allegedly been found on a laptop belonging to a husband of one of his staff.

“This is obvious quite an unexpected development,” says Vera Emmet, a political science professor at Abraham Lincoln University.

“Up to now, only Hilary Clinton was known to have emails, but now it seems that Trump himself has received, and possibly even sent, emails,” she said. “Even more remarkably, he seems to have used a server, or possibly more than one server.

“This puts quite a new spin on events.”

Asked about the allegations, Trump was quick to deny the rumors.

“This is an outrageous slander and callous lie put about the rigged left-wing media,” he said. “I only use Twitter. I have never in my life used email — in fact, I didn’t even know what it was, until Crooked Hillary started using them — which proves how corrupt she is.
“I do all my correspondence on paper,” he added. “Nobody respects typewriters more than me…”

Staff at Clinton’s campaign have no comment at this time.

P.S. It appears I’m not the only one to spot the absurdity of the hoohah around Hillary’s emails—see a reworking of an old joke, Queen Offers To Restore British Rule Over United States


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