Gmar Hatimah Tovah

From an item in today’s Times Colonist newspaper:

Instead, suggests the Kolot Mayim Reform Temple, “Gemar Chatima Tova”—have an easy fast—would be more appropriate for the solemn holiday […]

Gemar Chatima Tova—or rather, Gmar Ḥatimah Tovah—does not mean “Have an easy fast” in Hebrew (that would be Tzom Kal), but literally “[May you] end up with a good signoff/sealing”—in reference to the belief that at the start of every Jewish year, God decides whether each and every person will live out the year, and “signs” or “seals” their fate.

In the Jewish diaspora, the expression Leshanah tovah tikatev vetihatem is more often used.

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