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In the spiritual essence of hebrew what do these letters/symbols mean in order Vav ←Hey ←bet ←gimmel ←Zayin ←

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(My answer to this question at

The Hebrew letter vav can serve either as the consonant v or to signify the vowel /ô/ or /oo/.

If so, the word in question is והבגז , which a Hebrew reader might read as vehavgaz (the Hebrew letter bet usually goes soft—i.e. is pronounced like a /v/—at the end of a syllable).

In the guise of vehabegez, it appears to feature in Biblia Hebraica, but this is an error due to the end of the line being cut off.*

If the arrows in your question mean that the word is spelled in reverse (starting with zayin), then the word spells zagbahu


which also has no obvious meaning to my knowledge.

Some more context might be helpful in answering your question.


*Edit: As Mark Levinson points out, the Biblia Hebraica reference is in fact the result of an optical scanning error.


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